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Thinking about a MultiTouch LED Display
September 17, 2007, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Ideas, LED Display, Multitouch

Now it really seems like the original idea of using the Force Sensing Resistors isn’t going to work.  After talking to some other people,  we come up with a few possible other ideas. 


We can either try to construct a 2D multitouch surface using the Force Sensing Resistor.  This sounds like a good solution but we would like to try something new.  


We can try to construct a 2D multitouch surface using the novel method by Jeff Han, a researcher at NYU of using a webcam/projector setup.    


We can also try to construct a multitouch LED Display also by Jeff Han.  We kind of like this idea alot especially after seeing this really cool youtube clip.   There is no documentation or what so ever on the web concerning the construction of this device.  Professor Anind suggest that we should seek advice from Johnny.  This does seem to be a risky choice for us to try since there are a lot of potential problems with such a device.   But we like the idea and want to give it a shot