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A Possible Refinement?
November 18, 2007, 9:53 pm
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So while I was studying for my test yesterday, I suddenly came up with this idea.  The design we are currently considering involves tracking the IR light reflecting off the finger using a webcam.  This design has  a few downsides to it such as the issue that it can only operate in a dim environment and it cannot tell which blob is generated by which finger.  Also the spherical surface seems unnecessary especially when we no longer uses the surface for refracting the IR beams.   So I was just thinking that we can possibly do something like the following.  


You can download the pdf to the above image Here .  Logitech has recently released its new HD webcam with auto-focus and a high quality lens system.  We can have the user wear labels on their fingers (see picture above).  The pattern/lines on the label allow us to calculate the distance the user’s finger is from the camera and possibly identity the individual fingers.  I think that this is better than our current design for the following reasons.  This system can work under various lighting conditions and it will give us more information about the position of the user’s hand to play with.  This is an extension to the wiimote multi-touch that Johnny has demonstrated in the youtube video below.    

Picture of 3D Hand is courtesy of: 


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