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October 8, 2007, 6:14 am
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Although we have not yet been able to get any useful input from the LED.  We bought some LED Marix Display wired them up to the Arduino Stamp.  We wrote some firmware code in C and a demo app in Processing.  I was hoping to quickly draw a schematic of how the LED Matrix is wired, but I didn’t get to that yet.  Hopefully it will be up in the near future.  Below is a picture of the 8×8 LED Matrix setup.  Each row of the matrix is controlled by a digital I/O pin on the Arduino Stamp.  However there is not enough digital I/O on the Arduino Stamp to control the columns, we use a shift register to output data to control the columns on the matrix.


Each circle on the java applet corresponds to a single LED on the display.  

Below is also a youtube demonstration of the setup

 For those of you that are interested here is the Firmware Source Code in an Arduino Project and here is the Processing Source Code for the GUI as an Eclipse project.

**Note that the RxTxLib included in the GUI source code is strictly for MacOSX 


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