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A Gloom Realization
September 14, 2007, 3:20 am
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 During the past week, we did some research on the force sensing resistors and evaluated the feasibility of implementing such a device.  The Final Verdict: Expensive.. Hard to Implement… Messy… Might not work.  Yes, we did indeed come to the above consensus.  

  1. The force sensing resistors shown below, cost at the least $6 per piece, and we need at least 40~50 pieces to cover the surface of the entire sphere.  We did take into consider when writing up the proposal, but we have three people in the group, and it is hard to have three people working with just one device
  2. In the picture, you all see that the lead (the long plastic connector) extending from the force sensing resistor is quite long and we need to take special care in bending it.  Now comes the problems of how we are going to put all 40~50 leads inside a sphere and how we are going to connect all of them to the microcontroller.  We can definitely use multiplexers but the whole setup is messy and tedious.  We only have very little time to do this…
  3. There is a good chance that this will not work.  We want a 3D multitouch device and all of the capacitance based touch sensitive device do not support multitouch.  The only capacitance based multitouch device we know of is the iPhone and it is capable of sensing up to two fingers.  There is obvious technical problems with such concept and we are not sure if we will have the time or financial support to experiment with such design.   


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